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Mortal Kombat X - Princess Kitana

This is the sculpt I did for Mortal Kombat X - Princess Kitana. First female I've done for the Netherrealms. - About two and half work weeks to finish. Two weeks for the overall sculpt, and generally a period of 2-3 days where the Art Lead (Aaron Hall) & and Art Director (Steve Beran) make final changes or tweaks. Sometimes what works in concept art doesn't always hold up well in 3D.

Solomon gaitan kitanaheadshot

Original sculpt - Sadly it strayed from this.

Solomon gaitan 5

Game mesh was limited to rig constraints and base mesh lockdowns, face got warped. (I didn't do the game mesh. Texture and polish passes on game mesh were done by multiple artist, including myself)

Kitana - Gameplay

Solomon gaitan kitana posed
Solomon gaitan kitana old

Her costume design was geared towards being sexy and feminine and followed the curves of her body, but it was still too much skin.

Solomon gaitan kitana posed 2

2nd version had clothing that covered more.

Solomon gaitan kitana tpose mask

boob straps were widened and her panty section was made wider and bigger on the front & butt.

Solomon gaitan kitanahead nomask

Did a whole lot of fibermesh in this game and learned a lot about styling hair in it.

Solomon gaitan kitanahead

I'd used sculpts as placeholders to get an idea of shapes and if it looked alright.

Solomon gaitan kitanablingonly

I got to do a lot of intricate cool bling on her. Peacocks, dragons, and fans where the theme.