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Mortal Kombat X - Quan Chi

I did the zbrush sculpt for Quan Chi, and concept was done by Justin Murray

This guy was a lot of fun to sculpt. He took about two and half work weeks to finish. Two weeks for the overall sculpt, but there is generally a period of 2-3 days where the Art Lead (Aaron Hall) & and Art Director (Steve Beran) make final changes or tweaks. Sometimes what works in concept art doesn't always hold up well in 3D.

Solomon gaitan quan chi hrcolor

This is a keyshot mockup I did prior to the game mesh creation. It served as inspiration for a lot of things. This is decimated sculpt, with UVs, and polypainted textures.

Solomon gaitan clownpass

Clown Pass

Solomon gaitan bloodpass

Blood Pass

Solomon gaitan beauty

Beauty Render

Solomon gaitan bg


Solomon gaitan quan chi ks 203

Early light test and colors to get a feel of what made him more "creepy"

Solomon gaitan quan chi ks

Early light test and colors to get a feel of what made him more "creepy"

Mortal Kombat X: Quan Chi Trailer

Solomon gaitan quan chi 01

For most character approvals we generally do a quick post mockup. I generally scrap our base body because their proportions fits with our rigs and create my own to make posing easy and anatomically correct.

Solomon gaitan quan chi 02 2
Solomon gaitan quanchi keyshot

I generally move the bulk of my pieces using transpose master, but will cater to individual pieces so they conform with the body's posture and balance.

Solomon gaitan quan chi ks wip2nd pose

Different pose variation I did.

Solomon gaitan quanchi head keyshot

This is the final head we used for Quan Chi - reminiscent of his old look with a new flair.

Solomon gaitan solomon gaitan quanchi head keyshot2
Solomon gaitan quan chi head

This was his prior head. I had referenced Yul Brynner for the most part. I always thought he had a cool old school villain look.

Solomon gaitan skull3quarter

Chest skull, It was originally designed so that the eye flaps would open and projectiles would be shot that way, but it didn't happen. There is a full skull under that top portion.

Solomon gaitan quan chi4klegs

I went crazy with details, and put things we couldn't have now in our game like fabric fuzz.

Solomon gaitan quan chi alt pants

I enjoyed this and used Wez from Mad Max for reference.

Solomon gaitan quan chi alt bucklecloseup

A lot of this stuff never gets seen up close in game, but I still enjoy zbrushing all the cool details.

Solomon gaitan quan chi alt clipcloseup

Side metal pieces for his leather flaps.

Solomon gaitan quanchi b backemblem

Again not much of this gets seen up close, but I enjoy sculpting it.

Solomon gaitan quan chi alt torso 2
Solomon gaitan quan chi alt torso