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Sculpt that served no other purpose but to figure out shit

Each sculpt had a purpose, whether it was to learn a new feature like dynamesh, explore better options with poly painting, etc. Some are the results of lunch crunches, or things that I sculpted while other things were baking or rendering at work.

Solomon gaitan img 4205

Beast Man

Solomon gaitan 664948 10200220894428971 1652597070 o


Solomon gaitan 858406 10200786870338015 810980821 o

ED209 Arm cannon

Solomon gaitan 841169 10202179342948960 1481044133 o


Solomon gaitan 464438 10200216591721406 2077780071 o
Solomon gaitan 335614 3203828058520 863450901 o

3 Kryptionians

Solomon gaitan 338901 3199019778316 1587633941 o

Non the Kryptonian

Solomon gaitan 171364 1861507381342 2713370 o

Creature Head