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Mortal Kombat X - Kenshi

Kenshi was one of the characters I was given a lot of artistic freedom to explore. I was handed an old concept from MK9 and told to bring it up to par with the other characters but maintaining the overall feel of his original design. It was a lot of fun. Kenshi took about one work week to complete the sculpt, and generally a period of 2-3 days where the Art Lead (Aaron Hall) & and Art Director (Steve Beran) make final changes or tweaks. Sometimes what works in concept art doesn't always hold up well in 3D.

Solomon gaitan kenshi emblem

I used a lot of samurai and ninja reference for Kenshi's armor. I tried to keep it more ninja-esque, because too much samurai would be clunky and odd looking.

Creating Kenshi's Emblem

Creating Kenshi's Emblem part 2

Solomon gaitan kenshi03
Solomon gaitan kenshi02
Solomon gaitan kenshi01
Solomon gaitan kenshi b head2

I know who he looks like and I was trying not to get too close to it either. We tried facial hair, but since this was the "young" version we scrapped it.

Solomon gaitan kenshi b head
Solomon gaitan kenshi b 4
Solomon gaitan kenshi b 2