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Mortal Kombat X - Kung Jin

Kung Jin is the descendant of Kung Lao. - About two and half work weeks to finish. Two weeks for the overall sculpt, and generally a period of 2-3 days where the Art Lead (Aaron Hall) & and Art Director (Steve Beran) make final changes or tweaks. Sometimes what works in concept art doesn't always hold up well in 3D.

Solomon gaitan lao posed

Posing these characters gives them more life and I enjoy the process a lot.

Solomon gaitan lao posed old

Kung Jin - Shaolin Trailer - Mortal Kombat X

Solomon gaitan lao cousin

Like Kitana, Kung Jin lost a lot of his Asian features. What I sculpted and what you see in game are too different faces. Results of a locked base mesh and face rig that couldn't be altered later.

Solomon gaitan decendant lao
Solomon gaitan lao legs
Solomon gaitan lao clothes
Solomon gaitan kungjin head

Alt costume featured a ninja mask and hood. The mask was great, but I wish he didn't have the hood that covered most of it.

Solomon gaitan kungjing wip

Alt costume is a very simple design, didn't really dig the hood.