Mortal Kombat X - Fatalities

Solomon gaitan fatality head 2
This was created for the showing at E3. I created the asset from scratch using dynamesh and zremesher. I used an old skull I had that I also had used for a mileena skull mouth example.
Solomon gaitan fatality head 3
I looked at a lot of horrid pictures on google of gore and blood. There is a certain art that goes into making something gory and believable, you can't just slap things together.
Solomon gaitan fatality head
Skin gore in real life has a certain look to it if it's burned, cut, punctured, etc., so a head eaten by something should look like it.
Solomon gaitan iceball cavity 2
Was also for the E3 show game reveal. Subzero's fatality, it had to come into two separate pieces.
Solomon gaitan iceball cavity
Again there was a lot of researching in how the internal of organs looks like. I even added some "poops" to the large intestine.
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I did the chewed up skull sculpt
Solomon gaitan 10443106 10204159910101901 2203659030977418059 o
I did the split gore sculpt for Ferra/Torr's fatality
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I did the split gore sculpt for Ferra/Torr's fatality
Solomon gaitan 10383741 10204159910181903 5261754489065714855 o
I did the chest cavity sculpt (not spine)

Right now I'll most likely be posting screen grabs until I get full permission to post my sculpts for Mortal Kombat X