Mortal Kombat X - Kung Jin

Solomon gaitan lao posed
Posing these characters gives them more life and I enjoy the process a lot.
Solomon gaitan lao posed old
Solomon gaitan lao cousin
Like Kitana, Kung Jin lost a lot of his Asian features. What I sculpted and what you see in game are too different faces. Results of a locked base mesh and face rig that couldn't be altered later.
Solomon gaitan decendant lao
Solomon gaitan lao legs
Solomon gaitan lao clothes
Solomon gaitan kungjin head
Alt costume featured a ninja mask and hood. The mask was great, but I wish he didn't have the hood that covered most of it.
Solomon gaitan kungjing wip
Alt costume is a very simple design, didn't really dig the hood.

Kung Jin is the descendant of Kung Lao. - About two and half work weeks to finish. Two weeks for the overall sculpt, and generally a period of 2-3 days where the Art Lead (Aaron Hall) & and Art Director (Steve Beran) make final changes or tweaks. Sometimes what works in concept art doesn't always hold up well in 3D.